PRCC was unable to offer a junior program during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.  Planning for 2022 is underway. At this time we regret that we we do not have staff to allow us to offer the Junior Program in 2022.  We will update this page if the situation changes.  
PRCC juniors paddle on a variety of different boats.  When the weather and water is cold in spring we start off training on the larger outrigger 6 boats.  As the weather warms and the water is a better temperature we pull out the smaller OC1, OC2, SUP, surf-ski, C1, K1 and recreational kayaks to paddle.
The program offers education in paddling techniques, safety on water, learning to to safety manoeuvre boats on the water but most importantly having fun with other kids on the water.  As summer draws near the kids spend lots of time in the water cooling off and learning how to upright their boats.
The junior program encourages athletes to attend races and entered a OC6 and OC2 in the 2019 Duel of the Desert.  We  sent athletes to the Waterman Challenge in Kelowna in June of 2019.  Besides racing there are other fun events and practices that happen throughout the  year such as paddle to Tickelberry’s and club race nights.

Junior Practice Times

To be announced.