Rattlesnake Island Small Boat Race 2011

Small boat race around Rattlesnake Island

Date: August 20, 2011
Race starts at 10:00 am
Steersperson meeting at 9:45
Registration 8:30 till 9:30
Location Antlers Beach on Okanagan Lake

Time to rattle your paddle and bang your gunnels on a fun small boat race around Rattlesnake Island on Okanagan Lake.  This is one of the last small boat races for the Okanagan small boat series.  The course will be similar to last year with one motorized boat following along and ensuring everyone is not stopping to visit with that snake called the OGOPOGO.


SUP and Novice paddlers will paddle to Rattlesnake Island and back without the leg toward Peachland.  This would allow the pack to keep relatively together… maybe?

Approximate length of full course as shown is 10.23 km per google earth.

There is plenty of parking at Antlers Beach,

There are two outhouses located at the south end of the beach.

Access to the water is good.

Antlers Beach is located South of Peachland.  If coming from the north, it is where the speed zone changes to 70 on the south side of the bridge, after the double lane.

For those tracelling from the south, it is after the long double passing lane at Greta ranch, and at the bottom of a hill where the speed limit changes to 70Km/h.

There will be one heat… Unless we have mass registration beforehand, then there will be two.

Please email abc2@shaw.ca to indicate if you are coming so I can rough guess how many sandwiches and drinks to bring.

Cost is $10 per single and $15 per double.

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