2018 Skaha Downwind

Penticton Racing Canoe Club
September 23, 2018


Location: Skaha Lake, Penticton

Date:  Sunday, September 23, 2018. Race start 2:30 pm. Registration open at 12:30

Preamble: 11.2 km length of Skaha Lake.  The race is downwind, we go from either OK Falls beach or Skaha lake beach depending on the direction of the wind.  All boats go at the same time. No drafting allowed to reflect the downwind nature of the event.

Registration:  Please email donmulhall@icloud.com to let us know how many to expect, pay when you show up on race day before registration close.

Cost: $15.00 per paddler (Includes post race refreshment and food if paddlers pre-register)

CORA Insurance:  Mandatory. Day rate: $10.00 (if not already a member)

Format: Open to OC-1, OC-2, OC-6, Surf Ski

There will be a meeting at PRCC Boathouse, Skaha lake where determination of direction of race will be decided.  All boats should be there but not unloaded.  Allow 45 minutes to shuttle boats/vehicles and be ready for race start at 2:30 pm :

Registration at PRCC boathouse, Skaha Lake, 12:30 till 1:00 pm
Mandatory safety meeting at Skaha will be 1:15 pm
Race start 2:30 pm (allows for boats/vehicles to be shuttled)

IMPORTANT SAFETY STUFF!: All racers must be self sufficient and able to look after themselves.
Lifejackets and leashes are mandatory and must be worn.

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